boxcar flooring

Every forty years, boxcar flooring gets replaced. Hardwoods are desired for flooring because of their supreme durability. The most recent stock is comprised of oak, maple and even mahogany. Over years in the industry, the loading and unloading of crates and other freight left scars in the wood. Though the wood itself is extremely enduring, careful consideration is taken while sanding the wood as to not remove all of the character. Table tops are finished with 220 grit paper and boiled linseed oil for desks and polyurethane or epoxy resin for dining tables.

trailer bed

Long, true lengths of red and white oak is used for tractor/trailer beds. The wood is known for its heavy and unique character, featuring holes commonly throughout from where it had been mounted to the trailer rafters. At an inch and a half thick, it is solid stock that offers great durability and balance to a piece.

red wine barrel

Repurposed red wine barrel makes for a very unique and beautiful pieces. There are several different species of oak that are desired by cooper smiths and all of which enhanced the flavor of the wines they once housed. After two to three batch cycles the barrels are retired leaving a beautiful red stain on one side of the wood that still embodies the aromas of the batch.

rail transport packing

Prior to being installed, railroad track is freighted to its desired location. The cargo must be secured to dimensional lumber to keep it from shifting during transport and the track leaves oxidized stains on the wood. Oak is the desired species, and its rough milling makes for rugged character. Due to its application, the wood is inconsistent in dimension and requires exceptional woodworking abilities, one of the reasons why it's one of my favorite materials to work with.


Playing into more modern and contemporary designs is something new to me, but the possibilities with steel are boundless.


Other Goods

Accents and other furnishings that add a touch of ruggedness while maintaining sophistication and class.


Metal Sculpting

Where LoFaro Smithworks was born. The versatility, the permanence and the beauty of steel.